About Us

SRE Developments is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of process control and automation products and systems. SRE will celebrate its 30th anniversary in August 2018. During its 30-year existence, SRE complied with the requirements to become a full distributor of Legrand and Omron products.

Apart from its distributorships for standard components, SRE has a patented range of DIN rail mount plugable timing and process modules. SRE also manufactures its own range of alarm annunciator panels, continuous level controllers, water quality controllers, power supplies and radio monitoring equipment (to name but a few). SRE also undertakes instrument and light current (2500A) control panel design and assembly. Over the last 30 years, SRE has supplied complete process control design and manufacture of water treatment plants from drinking to injectable quality, dosing systems for various applications, hospital gas monitoring systems, process monitoring systems, various process control and automation systems for the mines and industry in general as well as alarm systems for the financial market and national RF networks.

Together with its clients, SRE has developed many life support systems for humans and animals alike. In conjunction with process control systems and panels, SRE designs and manufactures D/B boards for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

SRE offers the prospective client a full turnkey operation including design, development, assembly, and commissioning. All PCB design and assembly, software development for micro’s (on selected products) and automation development, is done in-house offering the prospective client complete confidentiality. SRE is the sole manufacturer of equipment for a number of corporate clients and undertakes to manufacture equipment exclusively for clients.

Although itself not ISO certified, SRE has been approved to supply ISO certified clients, both in South Africa and Africa. SRE manufactures to ISO and SANS standards and only uses approved equipment. SRE is a proud Patron member of SAIMC (Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement & Control).

A well known fact about SRE is its home for wayward kitties. What might not be so well known is SRE’s support of environmental biodiversity, particularly the Marine environment. SRE supports Students, Scientists and Technicians in the advancement of the Sciences and with skills development through their support of Bayworld Centre for Research and Education (BCRE), Centre for Marine Research (CMR) at Nelson Mandela University and by hosting the Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA).