DinPMPC1 : Pump Controller




When power is applied to the unit, contacts 1 & 3 will close for the Time period as set by the knob marked ‘S’. To set up the ‘On Load’ control point, set the knob marked ‘S’ to the permissable ‘RUN DRY’ time for the pump. Ensure the pump is ‘ON NORMAL WORKING LOAD’ & the knob marked ‘A’ is set to 0 (zero). The ‘>A’ YELLOW LED should be lit. Turn the knob marked ‘A’ CLOCKWISE until the RED ‘ON LOAD’ LED lights & continue clockwise until the ‘<A’ YELLOW LED lights. Now turn the knob marked ‘A’ anti-clockwise until the RED LED lights again & there is no flicker between RED & YELLOW. The unit is now set.


More information :

DIN Module Data Sheet


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